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Two main chemical sponge (polyol and isocyanate) and various side is formed by reacting of chemicals. Our company LAADERBERG these chemicals Sponge Casting Machine 'in the sponge is obtained by mixing with a mixer. Sponge formation is an event occurring too quickly. DN 14, DN 32 between our company and sponges are manufactured in various specifications. Foundry machines created in the sponges according to the dimensions specified in the company is poured. Our company is 120 to 250 cm in width are produced in blocks of infinite length. Foams produced according to the characteristics that in a block 12 with times ranging from 72 hours are allowed to cure. Recreational completed a variety of sponges taken to the slaughterhouse portion is passed through the cutting process. Made according to customer's request, this cutting straight cuts, rolls and shaped contour cutting. These sponges cut according to customer requirements with original packaging made ​​of nylon can be shipped with barcode becomes. Sponges from the delivery area delivery vehicles loaded with hand-held terminals by personnel sent to the company.


Roll in the production, Straight Cutting and CNC cutting techniques such as utilizing of unsprung, according to the customer's needs and serve. Unsprung produced in the specific density (Density) sponges according to customer requests and needs Roll the sponge cutting machine 0.5 cm and 5 cm in thickness, Rotary sponge cutting machines 0.3 cm and 100 cm in thickness, CNC foam cutting machines, including three-dimensional cut the desired shape and can be cut to the desired size. Production of parts as a result of fire lanes and clipped brought into sponges cut into desired sizes and quantities are available for customer use. Of unsprung produced in foam packing experienced staff with the subject on the side of the packaging according to customer requirements performed by the quality control can be shipped is made.


Of unsprung, all the raw materials used in production of the products sent to customers as well as its own private laboratory carries out final checks. Of unsprung, sponges produced in accordance with TSE and ISO standards Density (Density) Determination (TS EN ISO 845), Permanent Deformation (TS EN ISO 1856) Determination of Elastic Properties (TS EN ISO 8307) as the test is in its own on-site laboratories. Sponge determine the properties of the other tests Burning Characteristics (TS 6999 EN ISO 3582), Amount of elongation at break (ISO 1798), Determination of fatigue properties at constant load (TS 3466 EN ISO 3385) Determination of hardness (ISO 2439) By accredited institutions and organizations by TSA are carried out at certain intervals. In addition, customers will be sent to all parties and deformation measurement of products during the manufacturing process controls are performed by trained personnel.